What Does Your Pimple Say About Your Health?

It is a fine Sunday morning, the weather is great, you have the perfect outfit picked out for your date and suddenly – you spot a giant zit on your face! While a quick-fix with makeup is always possible, it is important to review and introspect what went wrong. Are you one of those who keeps breaking out on your forehead? Or do you suffer from the dreaded cheek monsters?

Every spot on your face is linked to specific body organs and functions, so a breakout in a particular area means there is something wrong elsewhere in the body. Here’s what your pimple says about your health.

Acne Treatment what does your pimple say about you
Pimple on your Forehead = Stomach Issues
Breakouts on the forehead are directly related to your stomach and food intake. Cut down on junk food, excessive sugar and drink plenty of water as this could be also be a greater problem of stomach infection.

Pimple Between the Eyebrows = An Overworked Liver 
Yes, that pesky pimple between your eyebrows indicates that your liver is working in overdrive, so it’s time to take a break from alcohol, meat and processed food. Avoid late-night snacks and get a good night’s sleep. Try a detox diet for a week to rejuvenate your system. Clean Cleanse and the GM Diet are great options for beginners.

Pimples Around the Eyes and Temples = Unstable Kidney
Your kidneys are calling out to you if you have acne around your temples, eyes and eyebrows, so you need to flush your body with water. Keep a bottle handy and bite into fruits with a high water content such as melons and watermelons. And if your zits are coupled with severe dark circles, it’s definitely dehydration.

Pimple on the Nose = Heart Trouble
A pimple on the nose is definitely not because you’re in love—it does, however, have something to do with the heart. If your blood pressure has shot up or dropped and if you’re low on vitamin B, your nose will show the signs. Get some fresh air, exercise and take Vitamin B supplements to get rid of those breakouts.

Pimple on the Cheek = Respiratory Challenges
If you’re a smoker or have any respiratory allergies, you’re bound to find a zit or two on your cheeks. Cut down on your smoke breaks and exercise every morning to keep your lungs healthy. Also, add cooling foods and drinks (such as cucumbers, melons and fruit juices) to your diet to eliminate excess heat from the body.

Pimple on the Chin = Hormonal Imbalance
PMS—these three dreaded letters can cause havoc with our skin. But if you consistently have pimples on your chin, even outside your menstrual cycle, you may be suffering from an hormonal imbalance. Consult a gynaecologist to get back your radiant skin.

You could also get acne because of
a. The skin or hair products you use. They may subtly ruin your skin, so it’s best to test them before use.
b. Pregnancy, sickness or a change in medication. Consult your doctor in such cases.
c. Poor hygiene or a wrong technique of washing your face.
d. Excessive use of your mobile phone, as it’s known to transfer germs on to your face.

So, give a sympathetic ear to your acne and your skin will thank you for it. Don’t agree with our points? Write in, comment or tweet to us (@get_inonit and @stereowrite) to tell us your thoughts.

These are general indications for your health, so please consult your doctor before trying out any medication or treatments.
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Image courtesy: freyaadvancedskincare.com, skin-on.com

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