Adventure Tour To Mt. Kailash In Himalayas

This kalyug can sure take its toll on us mere mortals. And at times like these, divine intervention is all we need. Mt. Kailash in Himalayas will be the answer to all your prayers.
Weekdays have started to feel like a mental boot-camp and work is as rewarding as the drill meant for boy scouts. What do you do then? This! Countryside Adventure Holidays has put together an itinerary for a trip to Mt. Kailash in Himalayas, which stars all things that would endlessly fascinate city folks such as us!
You will be privy to one of the most majestic landscapes in Himalayas as you cover more than 2,000 km in this journey. Watch your spirits soar as you are lost in the lap of nature amidst Tibetan highlands, world’s highest plains and whirling and winding rivers. You will be battling the harshest sun in the daytime and cold that will turn your mind into a blank canvas at night time. You will travel in Land Cruisers along Mt. Kailash in Himalayas, which lies at an altitude of 22,000 ft and crossing routes with the highest pass being at 18,466 ft. Haven’t you already started making gushing ‘wow’ sounds?
Hailed by many people as one of the most spiritually divine, life-altering experiences, this tour also includes a three-day trek to the remotest parts around Mt. Kailash in Himalayas. Being the abode of one of the most favoured and feared Gods, Lord Shiva, there are many stories that report of people having seen and felt theistic and unearthly experiences. Definitely something that will bring gooseflesh on the arms of non-believers and tears in the eyes of believers.
The last date to book your trip to the centre of the universe, Mt. Kailash in Himalayas is 14th August 2013. With a requisite group size of 25, the costing per person comes to Rs. 1,25,000.
For other details in the itinerary visit the event page here. You can also call them on 022 24441513 or on 022 24442944. You can write to them at
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