After Funny T-shirts, Graphic Sweatshirts Are Next


We get talking to Niraj Rampuria, founder of Bushirt, the trendy t-shirt brand for men. Their t-shirts are all about witty one-liners, cool graphics and adding humour to your wardrobe which is something that appeals to every guy.

Bushirt available on Shop InOnIt

Bushirt available on Shop InOnIt


How did Bushirt evolve? How old is the brand?

Bushirt as a brand came into existence on August 22, 2011. We wanted to give our customers something they wanted to buy and not something brands had to offer. We started off with this vision and are hoping we’re on the right track.

Which design from your entire collection are you proud of and why?

Each and every design from our collection makes me proud because of the amount of time we spend researching and creating the design. One of our designs Saddi Delhi was created to commemorate Delhi’s centenary year.

How do you come about with these designs?

Designing a t-shirt is a long process, where each design is deeply researched, studied and after a lot of brainstorming, we finalize on one design. We have a set of in-house designers as well as freelancers who contribute to Bushirt.

Is there any t-shirt brand you draw inspiration from?

Each and every t-shirt brand inspires us. We believe life is a learning process that never ends and each and every t-shirt brand has something to offer, which teaches us something new. We like to experiment and move away from our comfort zone so that we can explore new avenues and give something new to our customers every time.

Can you give us a sneak-peek into your upcoming collection?

Going with our nature of experimenting and releasing new designs, we are launching Graphical Sweatshirts for the winters. Sweatshirts that are currently available in the market are plain and without graphics, and are averagely priced around Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1400. We are launching a range of graphic sweatshirts at just Rs. 899 to target the youth who love to be spotted in trendy colours. We are experimenting with the graphical sweatshirt with a limited edition and I must say, the initial response has been excellent.

Tell us about the quality of t-shirts by Bushirt.

We try to pitch Bushirt as an affordable graphical quality t-shirt brand. We want to provide customers with good quality of t-shirts to ensure that they return for more and more designs from us. Our t-shirts are 100% combed cotton and are reasonably priced.

Any challenges in particular that you face?

Well, e-commerce in India is currently in its growth stage. There are a few concerns like huge dependence on COD and pathetic logistic services in India. However, we are thriving continuously to fight these challenges.

How do you like your association with Shop InOnIt?

It has been two months since Bushirt started retailing through Shop InOnIt and it has been a wonderful experience, right from sales to after service. Our designs are hugely liked by Shop InOnIt customers. We are quite upbeat for a long term association with the e-store.

As told to Suezelle D’Costa

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