Get Smooth Skin: How You Can Cut Out The Hair Ingrowth

A quick shave when going on a date or a fast wax before a special occasion may give you gorgeous, hair-free hands and legs, but can also cause dark spots and ingrowth. Besides looking bad on your pretty hands and legs, hair ingrowth can get infected with pus. We tell you why it occurs and how you can avoid it.

Why Does It Occur?
Improper ways of hair removal or unhygienic conditions while removing the hair can cause ingrowth—or it could be a sudden hormonal change or imbalance. However, in some cases, simply having soft or sensitive skin can cause this.

Hair In-GrowthHow To Prevent It

1. Dry skin is more prone to ingrowth, so ensure you moisturise your skin well before waxing or shaving.

2. Avoid shaving in the reverse direction of your hair or shaving too close to the roots. Always use shaving cream or oil.

3. Immediately after you wax or shave, wear loose-fitting clothes instead of jeans or leggings.

4. Try to keep some time gap between two waxing appointments. Often tiny hair that have not grown fully, tend to break  causing ingrowth and infections. So, would be best if you waited long enough for your hair to grow.

5. Visit your doctor if the frequency of your ingrowth is high.

6. Ensure your waxing and shaving tools are hygienic and clean.

How To Get Rid Of It?

1. Try to shave in another direction, even if it means you have to shave in the opposite direction. This might temporarily help get rid of the ingrowth. However, avoid doing this on regular basis as your skin can become rough and the hair that grows can be thicker and difficult to remove.

2. When you wax, make sure to remove the small, leftover hair from your skin as well. The leftover hair can be the reason for ingrowth and infections.

3. Scrub and exfoliate using a cream and loofah before your bath. This will ensure there is no dead skin, which may cause ingrowth.

4. Use antiseptic after your hair removal process to keep infections at the bay.

5. Moisturise your skin after your remove the hair. Try to moisturise at least half an hour before you step out to avoid dust.

These tips should keep your arms and legs smooth and soft always.

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