The Bittersweet Trend: 10 Amusing Divorce Cakes (Yes, That’s A Thing!)

Better to have loved and lost than to live with someone you’re unhappy with forever. Right? Recently divorced couples seem to have started an unusual trend—divorce cakes—during what was once considered a dark hour. People are now throwing divorce parties, complete with what they are now calling ‘freedom cakes’ (some of which are even more interesting than their wedding cakes).

If people can celebrate their ‘coming-out’ or their pets’ birthday, why not divorce? Why stereotype celebrations, when celebrating is actually all about being happy. Sometimes, making the conscious decision to uncouple yourself could be best for both. As someone has rightly said, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake’.

Here are 10 divorce cakes we just couldn’t help laughing over.

1. The Husband Who Was A Headache

While laying in bed, her husband probably asked her what she’d most like to do to his body. This cake sure says he was a real headache!

2. I Do. I Did. I’m Done

Clear, specific and accurate. Some might believe that holding on makes them strong, but for others it’s all about letting go.

3. Single & Ready To Mingle

Your wife has left you—so what? Celebrate the free will fest with the other fish in the sea (oops, hot tub!)

4. His. Was His. ,

This is one cake you won’t be happy to see your ex-wife cutting. Guess that’s her answer to all the fights and arguments!

5. Problem Solved (2)

This one’s a slightly scary solution! Then again, who are we to judge?

6. Free At Last

This one was happy being the king of his castle, all by himself—he surely didn’t like this queen for too long! Let’s toast to the sweet taste of freedom!

7. Wife Goes On

If life does, why shouldn’t the wife? And the little hearts on the cake surely suggest things aren’t that bad. Here’s to sweet beginnings!

8. Happy Divorce Day


She’s clearly having a happy meal in her frying pan by frying her man! Might as well make something delicious of all the nice and not-so-nice memories.

9. See You Never Again

Packed for good—and hope to see you never again. After all, man was born free and sometimes we need to free ourselves from the old ball and chain.

10. Take The Garbage Out


Ouch, this sure got nasty—right from the bedroom to the bin! This one is out of the system for good.

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