An Artistic Experience for Your Senses

GET: To check out art in darkness, a true treat to your senses

IN: Matthieu Foss Gallery, Hansraj Damodar Building, ground floor, Goa Street, Ballard Estate, Mumbai, 400001, Tel (0)2267477261

ON: 22nd March, 2011,  7:30 pm

IT: is a live electronic event, inspired by the ship breakers of alang, Gujarat.

Eryck Abecassis is a composer in acoustic and electronic music. He is the winner of the grant “Hors les Murs de I’Institut Francais”, for which he is working on an opera in India. Noisindia #2 is a work in progress – in other words, a sonic print of Abecassis musical residency here. He will play his music live from a laptop, like a movie without pictures, only for ears and hearts. That is why he decided to play in darkness.

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