An Encounter With A Leopard

Those of you itching to fill in your travel diaries and seeking a form of outlet to let yourselves free of everyday mayhem, a meeting with a leopard would be just about appropriate. 
Jungle Lore will take you to the mysterious forest of Bera in Rajasthan, where sightings of leopards are common experience. Take a 3-day and 2-night trip there and enter wildlife haven, untouched and unperturbed, just how the animals like it. 
Start your trip with a leopard safari and spot the majestic cat, among other creatures like the bluebull, crocodiles, hyenas, pelican, greylag goose, just to name a few. Safaris will be a major part of your trip and you will not regret it, given how you will be living amidst natural beauty that our country has to offer, that we seldom consider as our own. Barbeques and campfires below the nightsky will be a part of this magical trip. 
The trip to Bera will cost you Rs. 13,800 that includes 2 nights and 3 days stay at Rajasthan’s luxury jungle resort Leopard lair, all meals, 4 jungle safaris with experts in the field and surface transfers. 
Book your trip here, because the hypnotic gaze of the majestic creature will remain in your memories forever.
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