Annoying Things People Do On Social Media

We all come across a bunch of annoying things people do on social media all the time on our timelines. There is a certain online etiquette that we all should follow on social media to ensure that you are actually acting sociable. We ourselves are probably guilty of doing something online that’s been annoying to others. Here are certain online sins that people really need to stop doing.

Selfie Pictures

If 16 year old girls posting pictures of themselves posing in their mirror were not bad enough, it’s way worse when you see grown 25 year olds doing it. Those pouting duck faces are the most annoying thing ever. Even worse, are guys putting up shirtless pictures of themselves taken at the ‘gym’. It’s beyond vain. Someone needs to tell them to stop being so insecure and quit wanting to prove to the world just how hot they are!

Too Much Information

Yes we’re overjoyed that you finally woke up on time for work today and couldn’t be happier that you ate spaghetti for lunch. No really, we are! But is it really necessary to document your entire life for the whole world? Seriously we wouldn’t mind if you wished to live your life a little bit more private.

Using Hash tags on Facebook

#No #I #don’t #think #this #is #cool #please #stop #doing #it. Annoying much? Well, now that Facebook has introduced hashtags, I am just going to sit here looking pretty while you go overboard using them in all your updates, pictures and posts.

Constantly Changing Your Relationship Status

I’m pretty sure your entire friends list isn’t interested in knowing that you went from single to it’s complicated to an open relationship to back to its complicated in a span of 3 days. Please get yourself checked into therapy if it isn’t possible for you to maintain a stable relationship for more than a week. Thank you!

Vague Status Updates

Don’t you just hate it when people intentionally post updates like “Hate when this happens” or “Can’t believe it! In shock”. When you ask what happened, they reply saying that they’ll tell you later in private or that they don’t want to talk about it. What was the point of putting it up in the first place then?

Random Check-Ins

Am I the only one wondering why the world needs to know that you went from Starbucks to Zara to ‘Home Sweet Home’? Unless you’re looking for a creepy stalker, please stop with the constant Foursqaure Check-ins.

Personal Conversations On Twitter

I can’t imagine why you and your friends would want to carry out a conversation in 140 characters or less. There’s a reason they made DM (Direct Messages), so your followers don’t need to know about your Friday night plans, better yet, try texting each other instead.

Game Invitations

It’s amazing that you’ve discovered that you’re a natural at farming and are obsessed with blowing up candies, but please put an end to the constant notifications and updates. If we wanted to play then we would get the app ourselves, don’t worry we know how.

Using SMS Language

Considering you were my classmate in school I know for a fact that you know that ‘there’ is not spelt as ‘der’. Y don u stop bein lazy n type properly?

-Priyanka Ghura

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