Blink Blink! Get Sonam Kapoor’s Gorgeous Eye Makeup Look

Style diva Sonam Kapoor seems to wow us with her apparel, accessories and makeup choices. While we may be inspired to get her apparels, her makeup might be tricky.

apply eye shadow

L to R: Sonam Kapoor’s day look, evening look and glamorous look.

We show you simple tips to apply eye shadow like Sonam Kapoor for this summer. Take a look.

Day Eyes
The key to applying eye shadow is to pick a colour that suits your skin tone. Once you pick a summer day shade for your eyes like sunshine yellow, orange or nude shimmer, start by taking a small amount and applying it parallel to your eye line. If you have another shade, then apply it towards the edge of your eye, where you may have your winged eyeliner. Use a brush to slowly blend two shades, but avoid moving beyond the eyelid, near the eyebrow. Apply an eyeliner and dash of mascara and you have pretty peepers.

basic eye makeup tutorial (Small) (Custom)

Evening Eyes
Opt for a soft, but bright shade that creates a statement for your eyes in the evening. Like Sonam try applying blue in the same way as mentioned above. However, try not to spread it beyond your eyes in this case, as your winged or coloured liner will do that trick. Blend your primary shade with a black or silver shadow for a mildly smokey look. Highlight your eyebrows with a matching eyebrow pencil.

apply eye shadow
Glam Eyes
We adored Sonam’s eyes in Cannes. To get that glam look blend two shimmery, metallic shades together, preferably bronze and dull gold. Start with a softer shade on the inside and blend with darker one on the outside. Create a light layer of shimmer instead of a dark one for a mystical effect complete with an eyeliner.

apply eye shadow

Get lovely looking peepers with these tips and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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