Why Your Beauty Regime Is Actually Doing More Harm Than Good

So, a beauty routine sounds quite simple—cleanse your face, apply moisturiser, toner and sunscreen. You don’t think you can really go wrong with it. Yet your skin is only getting worse. One of the reasons could be because you’re using the product in the wrong way. Wondering what you’re doing wrong? Read on.

Applying Beauty Products

The Right Order
The first thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t mess up the product order. Your face wash, moisturiser and other items are designed to be used in combination and to be absorbed by your skin. For instance, if you use sunscreen before you apply moisturiser, the latter will not be absorbed properly and may make your skin feel oily and sticky. Follow the right order of cleansing and exfoliating, moisturising, toning and sunscreen.

The Right Way of Application
Even if you have the finest beauty products and a regular regime, it won’t work till you don’t learn to apply it well. Here’s how you can do it right:

a. Eyes: Your eyes have the thinnest skin surface on your entire body, so it needs the utmost care. Use the ring finger (the lightest finger) and start from the outside of your eye to the inner side. Don’t stretch or pull; apply the cream in circular motions and tap gently when done. The tapping helps release the carbon dioxide from the skin and seep the product in your skin better.

b. Face: Applying moisturiser or sunscreen haphazardly onto your skin only makes it worse. Remember: always apply in one direction away from gravity. Start from your chin and work your way up by applying mild pressure. Avoid pulling and stretching your skin.

c. Neck: Don’t forget your neck; it can age as much as your face. Use the same logic for your neck and apply moisturiser and other products upwards. Take your index finger and gently massage your lymph nodes. They are below the corner of your jaw, on the line of your ear. This will help your face relax and look brighter.

Try these tips and see your beauty products work like magic.

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