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Who would have thought Facebook could double up as an art gallery in its spare time? We definitely hadn’t! Here we have Roshni Kavina, the creative mind behind The Nextdoor Artist.
The Nextdoor Artist is a venture by Roshni Kavina who looks to reinstating art with the status that it can be viewed, enjoyed and admired by everybody. Formerly working in the advertising sector, the concept of The Nextdoor Artist was brewing in her mind for quite some time but was launched only on 1st April 2013. It endeavours to bring beauty, not just on a canvas but in the smallest of things on an everyday basis. Along with canvas paintings, Roshni also deals with specially designed furniture that she will hand paint for you. Currently she has trays, wooden frames, chest of drawers, chairs, mirrors, book shelves and jewellery boxes on her Facebook page from where she retails. Her art is a combination of cheerful colours and confident strokes. A mix of kitsch, pop and retro, her artistic sensibilites seem very well evolved.
The other fascinating thing about this venture is that Roshni, who has a studio at Kalina in Santacruz has opened this private space of hers to artists looking for some peace and quiet of their own to work, albeit temporarily. Generously, she is encouraging artist friends of hers to come and work there as she works alongside. We are sure she knows how lack of a place that you can call your own while working on something creative can seriously dampen the spirit. So, if you know any artsy friends of yours looking for some time out from the hustle and bustle, you know where to direct them. You can get the details of the address of the studio by calling her.
For details on her projects, you can call on 9967548765 or email her at You can also view The Nextdoor Artist’s Facebook page here.
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