Art Hop: A One-Day Festival Bursting with Art and Culture in Bandra, Mumbai

Art Hop‘Don’t Be a Bore, Hop on and Explore!’


We couldn’t agree more when we heard about Art Hop in Mumbai, which instantly got us beaming to the fact that someone finally decided to make our Sunday go beyond movies and cuppa joes. You will want to look forward to more than just lazing around on 27th October 2013, as Upside Down Events organizers Aalok Aswani and Varsha Krishnani bring to you Art Hop, a one-of-a-kind event that will literally have you on your toes all day long. It is quite overwhelming to have so much going on in one day. Art Hop will make parts of the city come alive with 30 performers and 50 artists bringing together their skills and art, and 20 workshops will be held all in one day. Bandra will be the hub of this event, and art galleries, restaurants, bars and culture hubs at close vicinity is where you will be hopping to, to see them bursting with culture. Some of the participating venues are Out of the Blue, Olive Bar & Kitchen, Temperance, C’est La Vie, Birdsong Café and more.

It is a platform for young, upcoming artists to showcase their talent and give them an opportunity to bring their creative work to the people of this city. Artworks of Santana Gohain and Shilpa Gode, Boishali Sinha, Devangana Chhabria, Sukant Panigrhay and the likes will be on display, through varying mediums such as canvas, print, sulptures, visual art and photography.

You can attend diverse workshops such as Clay Pot Making, Photography, Japanese Butoh Dance, Art Therapy or even test your comic skills without inhibition with an Improv Comedy workshop. The venues will also have talks on philosophy, motivation and will power, poetry and dramatic play readings, along with music and dance performances ranging from Hindustani classical to electronic guitar and jazz. Kids too, can look forward to a musical puppet show on Ramayana and indulge in face painting, candies and hula hoops. Basically, Art Hop aims at bringing people of all likes and ages together to make them have an effortlessly a good time. Overwhelmingly ideal, indeed!

How can you be a part of this cultural attack?

By getting yourself an Art Hop Wrist Band that costs Rs. 500, available on Book My Show and Le Sutra in Bandra. With a vibrant map of Bandra provided after the purchase of the band, use it as a guide for your art hop and gain access to all activities and exhibitions lined up.

There’s more? Yes. A colourful Art Hop Bus with a library inside and a live band will be driving around the streets of Bandra to hitch you a ride to your next chosen venue. Ola Cabs with Art Hop flags will do rounds as well. So simply flash your wrist band and travel to your next destination with interesting people doing the same thing.

The festival will start at noon and go on till night, followed by an after party with Something Relevant, Samved and The Bhaivhvyani Crew. Location will be disclosed on Art Hop’s Facebook page here.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, and experience everything that life has to offer in just one day. Be a part of a new culture. Be a part of Art Hop.


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