Artist Ranbir Kaleka’s fascinating compositions with painted and projected images

GET: mesmerized as you watch the stories that Kaleka tells through his use of mixed media

IN: Volte, Gallery, 2/19 Kamal Mansion, Above Hotel White Pear, Near Radio Club, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai-5

ON: Now until February 15, 2011

IT: is “Sweet Unease”, Kaleka’s first solo exhibit in Mumbai that constitutes a major survey of his trans-media activity over the past decade.

During the last 12 years, Kaleka has created a number of arrangements where the projected image and the painted image occupy the same space. However, he does not embrace the simple juxtaposition, superimposition or mixed use of media to achieve a pluralizing effect. On the contrary, he produces a meticulously calibrated adjacency of media, with which to disrupt the civilities of the layered image. In the subtle gap between the manifestations of these images, Kaleka breaks open a difference of spatiality, ephemerality, sensation and significance, making us itensely alive to the condition of viewership.

Below: Images from CUL-DE-SAC IN TAXILA Medium Video Projection on Painted Image, Length: 3 mins, 55 secs Loop with sound, Size 185 cm x 244 cm (72.8 inches x 96 inches), Year 2010

Below: Images from FABLES FROM THE HOUSE OF IBAAN, Medium Video Projection on Painted Image, Length 5 minutes 24 seconds, Year 2007

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