Asanti Natural Bristle Brush Sold Out

Asanti Natural Bristle Brush

Brand: DIVO
Price: Rs. 685
Asanti natural bristle brushThe Asanti radial brush with mixed bristles and a thermal barrel is a one of akind accessory. The bristles of the brush are a blend of natural and nylonbristles. The natural bristles evenly distribute natural hair oil while thenylon bristles deeply penetrate the hair for better tension and control. Allthe while the thermal core conducts the heat evenly for a more polished blow dry. The brush is ideal for effectively straightening frizzy hair or addingcurls or bounce to the hair.Ensure that the brush is rinsed monthly with gentle soap and water. Alwaysmake sure to dry the brush with soft cloth.Wooden Handle; wooden body & natural bristlesLength 9.5; Width 3.25 inches