Attention-Grabbing Niche Accessories Draw Inspiration From Geometry


With a fabulous collection of attention-grabbing clutches, scarves, beach bags and iPad cases, it’s no surprise that Niche is one of Shop InOnIt’s most popular brands. We talk to owner and designer of the brand, Nishita Aggarwal about Niche and her collections that leave a lasting impression.

Niche on Shop InOnIt

Niche on Shop InOnIt


How did the label Niche develop?

I studied Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories from NIFT, New Delhi and also pursued a short term course in London College of Fashion in Contemporary Fashion to get a wider exposure of design. Niche came into existence when I began freelancing for different clients, and developed styles that were appreciated by near and dear ones. It was a driving force to create a brand. And that’s when I realised that it’s the right time to benchmark into a label.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw most of my inspiration from geometry. Architecture interests me and I make an attempt to create edgy forms, which are futuristic and bold. Graphics and prints are a blend of colour story coordinated with style.

What did you start designing first – bags or scarves?

My first love is bags. When I started designing, I completed internships from export houses to understand the technicality of bags and how a material reacts in different techniques. Later, I started working under my mentor, designer Anjana Bhargava. She always gave me scope to experiment and create something out of the box . We created a range of bags for both men and women for Wills Fashion Week. These bags were chic and every style conveyed a story.

Tell us about your collections – the idea behind each of them and the designing process.

I kick-started with the Roll-Up concept for men that was based on the European concept where people commute by tubes and trams. It was a unique travel collection with each style having a classic Roll-Up opening to carry a newspaper, magazine, etc. while travelling. The reason I started with a collection for men was because they had limited options while women were spoilt for choice.

We then came to a colour story with the latest forecast trends for men, and achieved charcoal grey and moss green colour ways. I started with various doodles till we finalised something, which made a complete statement and looked uber chic in 100 % genuine leather.

Recently, I’ve designed a range of bags and scarves that combine neon and abstract geometry to put together the Neon collection.

Which celebrities, according to you, can pull off a Niche creation?

Our men’s range is definitely going to complement the looks of Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan – men who always make a statement. And the Roll-Up bag is just perfect for Robert Pattinson.

Among the ladies, Sonam Kapoor being a fashionista and a youth fashion icon would definitely pull off any Niche Creation with utmost style and confidence. Paris Hilton with her amazing grace and charm can complete any outfit look with a Niche Bag.

Who is Niche‘s target audience?

Our target audience is not limited to young girls and women. We always diversify and create something under Niche, which has a product for each individual. Along with an entire men’s collection and scarves, we have our exclusive contemporary Indian range which is very festive.

What are the key challenges you face while putting together a collection?

The key challenge is execution. Transforming an idea into a three dimensional product is the biggest challenge. This includes design transformation, technical sustainability, commercial viability and so on.

Which is your favourite Niche Product?

I love every creation, but I personally love the form of the Neon iPad Sling. It’s very stylish and tech savvy.

Niche is one of Shop InOnIt’s popular brands, how do you like the association?

We are absolutely delighted to be associated with Shop InOnIt with the right exposure and medium for our label Niche. We love the way Shop InOnIt constantly updates latest trends and combines Niche scarves with trendy tops in the best style tip.

As told to Suezelle D’Costa

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