Baby Rey Leather Lace Up Shoes Neon Yellow Sold Out

Baby Rey Leather Lace Up Shoes Neon Yellow

Price: Rs. 2200
Baby Rey leather lace up shoes Neon yellow"Look at me; Im the queen of New York "Running errands was never so much fun as it is with these vibrant neon shoes.Taking care of PU Leather is quite simple. Wiping the shoes using a soft clothwill remove any dust and residue from the leather. If the shoes are too dirtyto clean using a dry cloth; moisten the cloth with warm water; this is notonly safe for leather but almost any residue can be cleaned using this method.For stubborn stains mix a squirt of dish liquid to make it easier to clean. Donot use a hair dryer as the high temperature will damage the leather. Next;use saddle soap with a soft cloth to clean your patent leather shoes insideand out. Make sure you clear off any excess saddle soap. The leather willabsorb only as much as it can. You can also apply a leather conditioner to theshoe; inside and out. This will not only finish off the cleaning process; butwill soften your patent leather shoes a bit for maximum comfort. Aftercleaning and drying; you should apply a wax or polish to your patent leathershoe. This will protect the leather from future dirt; but it will also help towaterproof the leather; making for greater longevity. PU LEATHERShoe Height 4.7; Width 3.2 inches

Color Yellow
Material Leather
Trends Neon
Look Trendy, Sporty