From Bachelor Pad To Love Nest: What Needs To Change Before You Move In

Surrendering his bachelor pad, his most prized possession, can be quite stressful for your man. But the change over from stag life to marital bliss can be survived with proper understanding and planning. If you are positive and enthusiastic enough, the transition can be a smooth ride. Here’s a list of what he has and what he needs to change. Share this list with him (discreetly, of course)—now.

If you have a single bed, it’s time to make it double. The idea is for you to get used to sharing—you won’t only sharing beds, but spaces, meals and, most importantly, life.

If you have posters, it’s time to bid them adieu. Rock bands, crushes (wink), idols or those that reflect only you need to be removed—STAT. But you can keep posters of good quotes, frames and pleasant wall art to keep your room looking personalised.

From bachelor pad to love nest

If you have old, boyish linens,
 it’s time for them to be replaced with slightly more classy ones. Take your partner shopping; it will really make her feel good and earn you some extra brownie points. Besides, you can chill at a sports bar while she picks up some cool stuff for the bedroom.

From Bachelor Pad To Love Nest

If you have your junk around,
it’s time to pull up the socks and start tidying up. Put everything back into its own designated space so the room looks vaguely habitable.

From Bachelor Pad To Love Nest

If you have a worn-out, disfigured wall,
it’s time to get it fixed and painted. Involve your partner in deciding the shades and theme, so you know there won’t be any rude surprises. Besides, a richly painted wall alone can stand as art.

If you have a wardrobe only for you, you need to start making space for her. Get more hangers, designate a section, create shelves and so on.

From Bachelor Pad To Love Nest

We hope you’re taking note of all these points. Implement them to the T for smooth-sailing conjugal bliss.

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