Back It Up: Backpacks Are Back On Our Favourites List

Remember how you hung on to those old school backpacks with such sentimental vehemence? Well it’s no wonder─ they’ve made a massive comeback! Backpacks are rubbing shoulders with us yet again and this time they’ve graduated. Forget lugging them around when you have the most adorable and chic shapes to hang out back with you. These bags are big on personality and we can’t wait to get you started on creating your own backpack identity. So, where do you start?

Our first order of business is to make sure you think of anything but those big hitchhikers’ bags when we say backpack. Though utility is a big factor, we can’t stress how versatile these cute-as-button rucksacks are now.

Classic Khakis
Military greens are your ammunition. Look like a neatly wrapped postal package with just this bag as your stamp to get you to your destination. Buy a military green backpack here.


Aww-dorable Prints
If you’re a music festival goer, you know how much you need a bag that can bounce along to the music with you. Take on the prints for that flirty, fun vibe. The options are plenty, from polka dots, stripes and denim detailing to plaid and more. Buy a printed backpack here.


Join The Tribe
We just can’t get enough of Aztec prints running erratic circles all over your clothes and now your bag! Zig-zag, ikat or warli art-like motifs are so delicious. Buy an ikat-patterned backpack here.


In Bloom
Plant a field of blossoms on your next purchase. The floral print is all you need to know when you want to make the most of your little dresses and shorts. Buy a floral print backpack here.


Leather Love
Let the nerd in you shine through a smartass leather satchel/backpack. Pick a touch of colour on the strap or on a pocket flap if you don’t want to go monotone.


DIY Backpack
Play up a plain backpack into an objet d’art. Cover it in badges or hang trinkets from the zippers. You can even add lace trimming to the edges or a denim pocket/patches from old jeans to make them a creation you can’t help but carry around with pride.


Can’t think of anything other than buying a backpack now? Let us know your pick!

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