6 Office Exercises For A Stronger Back

One of the most common complaints you hear at the office is about a stiff, painful back. In fact, a large percentage of women suffer from back problems due to a desk job. Why be one of them? We already told you about de-stressing your body with simple exercises. Radhika Vachani, founder of Yogacara Healing Art, now shows you easy ways to keep your backache at bay in the office.

1. Standing
a. Stand straight with a small gap between both feet. Keep them parallel, while pulling the knees into the quadriceps.
b. Gently bring your hands to the top of your head and join then inside out, as shown in the picture. Inhale while doing so.
c. Slowly exhale and pull your hand upwards, giving a vertical stretch to your back.
d. Do this for five to 10 seconds, two to three times.

exercises at office - - stretch

2. Twisting
a. Stand straight with your feet more than hip distance apart, keep your feet parallel, and draw your knees into the quadriceps.
b. Inhale and keep both hands on the right hip and gently twist towards the right while you exhale slowly, turning your head in the same direction.
c. Repeat the same for the other side.
d. You can try this while sitting too; however, the effects are best while standing.
e. Do this two to three times on either side.

exercises at office - twisting

3. Full Forward Bend
Note:  Please do not do this asana if you have a back problem. Preferably, learn the technique from a professional and do it gently.
a. Stand straight with your feet at hip distance, parallel to each other.
b. Keep both your hands near your waist, draw your knees into your quadriceps and slowly bend forward, moving from your abdominal region.
c. Allow your hands to drop to the ground by your feet. If you cannot reach the floor, simply let your hands hang down by your side. Stay for five breaths.
c. As you come up, make sure your knees are drawn into the quadriceps.
e. Do this two to three times.

exercises at office - forward bend


4. Side Stretch
a. Stand straight with your feet at hip distance, parallel to each other.
b. Stretch your hands up and hold them together.
c. Slowly, move to one side while keeping your back straight. Ensure that you do not bend forwards or backwards. Continue stretching over five breaths.
d. Come back to a straight position and repeat on the other side.
e. Stretch only as long as your body is comfortable. Do not overdo it.

back exercises at office - side

5. Upward Stretch
a. You can do this exercise while you are sitting or standing. Keep your hands relaxed and parallel to each other.
b. Gently lift one arm and move your elbow close to the ear as shown in the image.
c. Get another arm from below and try to hold your palms behind. Ensure that your elbows don’t go forward or backward and are parallel to your head.
d. If you cannot reach, use a belt of a handkerchief to get that necessary stretch. With practice you will be able to touch your hands. Continue stretching for five breaths.
e. Repeat the same on the other side.

back exercises at office -

6. Half Body Bend
a. Stand a few feet away from your desk or chair with your feet parallel to each other.
b. Keep your knees straight and slowly bend forward towards the table or chair in front of you.
c. Your wrists can sit on the bar of the chair or the edge of your chair.
d. Keep your neck in line with your spine, allowing your body to be in a perfect L shape. Stay here for five breaths, come up and go down again.

back exercises at office

All three postures open up the spine, release blocked energy and stretch your back. Not only will this help you relieve your stiff back, but will also make it easier to move, feel less tired and improve your posture.

So go ahead, give a break to your back and let it unwind. After all, it is doing a lot of work for you. Still want guidance? Speak directly with Radhika for expert advice.

Email: yogacara.healing@gmail.com
Tel: +9122 2651 1464 /63
Web: www.yogacara.in

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Images courtesy: exercise.about.com, yellowgazeboclinic.com, scienceofspeed.org, harmonyyogaannarbor.blogspot.com, superb30.blogspot.com, myfiveminuteyoga.com

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