Bacon and Eggs, and much more in Cafe Mangii’s new Breakfast Menu

A quaint little restaurant in the suburbs with an ambience to suit any metropolitan mind and an abundant, delicious cuisine that will have anyone rolling their tongue and licking their lips; this is what you get with Cafe Mangii. The small Italian restaurant which is located just off the traffic strewn Linking Road, at Khar, has a tantalizing menu that will bowl you over.

A beautiful set-up between chandeliers and wine bottles, the restaurant is well lit so you can look around without having to strain your eyes to see the face of the person across you at your table. At the same time, the lighting leaves a certain sense of inconspicuousness so you can enjoy your privacy. The music blends mixes from different eras and genres; from rock n’ roll by Elvis Presley and The Beatles, to soul by Sam Cooke and jazz by Louis Armstrong, there is enough variety in this joint for you to enjoy your meal and music.

Of course, the highlight of any restaurant or cafe is its food, and the chefs at Cafe Mangii probably spare no expense to satisfy your taste buds. The newly launched breakfast menu may not be too popular yet, but will certainly pick up the pace with its delectable choices. With a choice between freshly squeezed fruit juices and regular morning beverages like coffee and tea, it will definitely get you kick-started to a nice and heavy breakfast. The fresh Watermelon Juice makes a great companion to go along with any of their meal choices. With a great consistency and no complains about extra or lack of a sweetener, the juice is just right to wake you up gently. The different preparations of eggs and its go-alongs – like bacon, sausages, ham, and more – are a delicious and filling breakfast. The Eggs Benedict, especially, makes for a heavy morning meal, with a base of English muffins, healthy spinach and tenderly prepared eggs to top it. If you prefer finger-food, you could try any of their sandwiches, from chicken to ham and more. Definitely one of the most delicious and highly recommended choices is the Smoked Salmon Sandwich; an open faced sandwich prepared on toasted bagel bread with cream and smoked salmon on it and topped with olives for a tangy finish. If you want something much lighter on your stomach, you can try their waffles or pancakes. The Buttermilk Pancakes are made delicious and light with a side serving of cream and maple syrup. It has to be said, Cafe Mangii does pay attention to the presentation of its dishes, each plate on your table will make you want to dig into the food and relish it.

The breakfast menu does have some interesting choices and all-in-all a meal for 2 would run you anywhere between Rs. 600 and Rs. 1,000. Beginning at 10 am, it isn’t too early or too late for you to have to choose between beauty sleep and a tasty breakfast.

- Sean Sequeira

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