8 Horrible Nail Habits You Need To Break ASAP

Glossy colours, smooth finishes, geometric prints, glitter, studs and more – oh, how we lust after beautiful nails! While we love good looking nails, few of us actually take the effort to keep our nails healthy. Check out 8 bad nail habits you need to stop NOW.

1. Nail Biting
There’s no reason that will EVER  justify biting nails. It’s bad for your fingers, teeth and stomach. Get a bitter nail paint specially created for nail biters or put tapes on your nails. At any cost, stop!

bad nail habits

2. Picking Cuticles
If you’re a former nail biter like me, then you probably are still stuck with picking your cuticles. Here’s a tip – DON’T. It weakens your nails and may even cause small wounds around the skin near your nails.

3. Pulling Hangnails
You know that small crack in the nail that you got while commuting. Yes, that slight bit of nail hanging out. Don’t pull on it or try to remove with your teeth, it will only cause your nails to get brittle and uneven. Use a nail cutter and nail file instead.

4. Skipping Base Coat
Avoid ugly yellow nails and use a base coat. Every time you apply nail paint, it leaves a trace of colour if not removed thoroughly. Always use transparent nail enamel before you apply a colour. It acts a barrier between coloured paint and your nail, as well as makes your polish last longer.

5. Peeling Nail Paint
I’m sure we’re all guilty of doing this at some point or the other. When you peel off your chipped nail paint, you’re also peeling the healthy layer of the nails with it. This causes them to become dry, brittle and sensitive.

bad nail habits

6. Using Acetone
Conventional nail polish removers tend to dry out your nails, and acetone is the worse of the lot. Switch to high quality removers instead of acetone. If you need to remove your polish with acetone in case of emergency, ensure that you moisturise your nails and rub lemon juice on them after the polish is off. However, don’t make it a habit.

7. Constantly Wearing Nail Paint
Well-manicured hands make you look prim and proper even on your bad days. However, you do need a break from your polish. Take time off, let your nails breathe and regain their natural form. A two to three day break would be ideal. If the paint stays on your nails for more than three weeks, it may cause discolouration of nails.

8. Overdoing Artificial Nails
Addiction to acrylic or gel nails may sound fun, but in the long run leads to discoloured, disfigured and ugly nails. While it is great to do it for a change, do not overdo it. Keep at least a month gap between two artificial nail sessions.

bad nail habits

Hope you’re prepping up your will power to stop these habits. Don’t worry we’re here to give you moral support. Go ahead and break your bad nail habits. Share your stories with us in the comments section.

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