20 Genius Bag-Packing Hacks

Excited to go on that holiday with friends or that backpacking trip you’ve been saving up for? We know, we know, the strict weight allowance can be quite a mood dampener—which is why we’re telling you how to carry everything you need into one tiny suitcase and still not face any issues. Start packing, now!

bag Packing Hacks

1. To avoid creasing your clothes and to keep them compact, roll them up instead of folding.
2. If you have jackets or sweaters, bundle them together in a large cloth to ensure they don’t take up too much space.
3. Carry your delicates in a sealed plastic bag, and bundle up with your jackets, so that they are not ruined with hooks or buttons and save space.
4. Take along some basic staples such as an LBD or basic white shirt, which you can use more than once on your trip.

bag Packing Hacks - clothes

5. Carry a pouch instead of a box for your accessories. If you must carry a box, ensure that you stuff small clothing items or spare gadget wires in it to fill up the extra space.
6. Use buttons to carry your earrings, so they don’t get entangled or lost in the pouch.
7. Use candy boxes to carry your pins. These will make sure they don’t get lost.
8. Avoid bulky shoe boxes and bags by carrying your shoes in a shower cap.
9. If you’re carrying multiple sling bags or clutches, use them to store small clothing items.
10. Carry a neutral scarf. It will help you turn around a simple outfit without taking up too much room in your bag.
11. Roll your belts and carry them between shirt collars.

bag Packing Hacks - accessories

12. Pack your liquids in straws and seal them with a stapler and tape.
13. Use eyedrop dispensers to store pastes and other semi-liquid items.
14. Use an old lens case to keep your foundation and shimmer powder handy.
15. Put cotton inside your compact and eyeshadow containers to keep them from breaking.
16. Keep coconut oil handy—it can replace most of your beauty products such as moisturiser, shaving cream and makeup remover.
17. Add a piece of plastic on all the bottles containing liquids in order to avoid any leakage.

bag Packing Hacks -cosmetics

18. To keep your wires safe, use a butterfly hair clip to tie them. This way you can carry both together.
19. Keep your memory cards, SIM cards and other small things in a paper bag inside your half-empty accessories box, sunglasses case or soap case.
20. Don’t have space to carry portable speakers? Simply use a glass to create an amplified sound. It may not offer the same quality, but works great as a temporary solution.

bag Packing Hacks - electronics

Finally, remove a quarter of what you’ve packed—you’ll thank us later. Comment and let us know if you have any more cool tricks to add to our list.

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