Bake Mela: Look for Home Bakers Online

So we have cake shops, and directories to get us their numbers. Now, we have a website to look for home bakers online. Bake Mela is dedicated to sweet indulgences, so you will find a host of sinful looking desserts on the website such as macarons, cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and other such yummy treats.
Yes, we know now you want to know more. It’s a platform for bakers and dessert lovers alike: it helps these cool chef’s to reach out to their customers, and customers to look through a range of dessert-makers and finally choose which one they would like to order from.
How does it work? Bakers need to pay a monthly start up sum of Rs. 150 for basic membership, which includes listing their bakery on the website with photographs, profile and other details. Customers can get in touch by sending an SMS. Their premium package that costs Rs. 450 includes promotions on their social networking sites.
Customers can select which city they want their dessert at (Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad) and the locality they want to order from. Based on that, a filtered choice of bakers show up.
Definitely a drool-worthy site!
View Bake Mela’s website here.
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