Beauty DIY: Make Your Own Makeup

If you’re a true beauty junkie then it would probably be way more economical to make your own makeup at home, rather than breaking the bank for your cosmetic fixation. Also, with no harmful ingredients, no animal testing and using methods that recycle old products, DIY makeup is definitely good for a greener planet. It’s so simple and takes no time at all, you’ll be surprised why you didn’t try this sooner.

Lip Gloss
Using this super easy method, you can create your own lip glosses in a matter of minutes.
Lip gloss
What you need:
-Old eye shadows, blush or bronzers in powder form
-A small dish
-A small container to store your lip gloss in. You can use old containers that have been emptied or old Nivea tins.

Take about one tablespoon of Vaseline and put it in the dish. Then, take an old or broken eye shadow/bronzer or blush in the colour of your choice and sprinkle it on to the Vaseline. If it’s not in the form of a fine powder then crush it before adding it to the Vaseline. Mix it together well and transfer it to your container to carry around with you. Create your own shade by mixing colours, adding more powder for a richer colour and some shimmer for your very own trademark lip gloss.

Cream Eye Shadow
A great way to make use of old eye shadows and blush as well as to make more of a colour you really love.

What you need:
-Old eye shadow or blush
-A toothpick
-An airtight container

Squeeze the lotion into the container till it’s about three-quarters full. Using the toothpick, scrape the eye shadow/blush into the container and stir very well. Depending on how you want it, you can add more powder. Who knew making our fave makeup products were so simple and painless?

Nail Polish
No more hunting for attention grabbing shades, you can make your own to complete your own custom nails to go with your summer style.
DIY nail paint

What you need:
-Eye shadow of your choice
-Clear nail polish
-A brush
-A zip lock bag
-A container or jar to store it in

Choose an eye shadow, place it in the zip lock bag and start crushing it using the back of your brush. Break it up as much as you can as you don’t want chunky nail polish. Once it’s crushed, cut a small hole in a bottom corner of the bag and pour pour the powder into the container. Add some clear nail polish to the powder, you can add about the same amount as how much powder there is or more. The more polish there is, the more smoother it will be. Stir it up and you’re ready to start painting your nails! When you apply your nail paint, it will come out matte. You can add a nice shine by painting on a coat of clear polish. You can also add clear polish to your custom nail paint in case it dries up.

Always have luscious lashes by never running out of mascara and creating your own in a cinch.

What you need:
-Black eye shadow
-An index card
-Baby gel oil
-Baby powder
-A stirrer
-An empty mascara bottle

Begin by swirling a little gel oil onto the centre of the index card. Then, sprinkle on your eye shadow powder onto the oil and mix it up with your stirrer. Pour the baby powder on to it and mix so your mascara will be more creamy then oily. Feel free to add more powder, depending on how creamy you want it. Run your mascara brush through it and your ready for gorgeous, thick lashes. You can use different eye shadow colours for different mascara colours.


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