6 Beauty Myths That Are ACTUALLY True

We’ve debunked quite a few beauty myths before. However, ladies, our mothers were right about a few things. Yes, there are urban legends about beauty and makeup that are actually true. Take a look below and check it out for yourself.

Beauty Myths That Are True
1. Yes, Your Lip Balm IS Addictive
All right, so it’s not a real addiction so you don’t need to go to rehab, but it is possible that your skin may get used to certain ingredients in it to function. Some lip balms have camphor, salicylic acid and menthol that may cause further dryness, making you use more of it. But it would be strange to go for lip balm anonymous meetings, wouldn’t it?

2. Your Ponytail Is Causing Hair Fall
A tight bun or ponytail could be the reason you’re having hair loss. It pulls the hair from the root causing pressure. And bearing this pressure for a long time could mean your roots become weak and vulnerable. So opt for loose and easy hairstyles and braids.

3. Conditioner Can Be Your Emergency Shampoo
This is true, but only partially. Just like your shampoo, conditioner has surfactants that lather mildly, which means it can clean your hair. However, the concentration is light and not as effective as the shampoo. So if you’ve run out of shampoo mid-bath or want to go shampoo free for a week, you can give the conditioner a try.

4. Your Eyes Wrinkle Faster If You Rub Them Too Much
You know that strain to the eyes or squinting can cause wrinkles, but you probably thought that a bit of rubbing won’t do much harm. Well, it does! So, avoid touching your eyes (and the area around it too much) and let your peepers look young for long.

5. Beer Works Just Great…For Your Hair
A lot of women dismissed after a few uses that beer is just right for a social gathering. But what they don’t know is that, if used correctly, it actually works well. The ingredients used to make beer are rich in vitamins and proteins, which in turn make your hair thick, strong and shiny. Alcohol also acts as a cleansing agent, although it can dry the hair. So, don’t use it more than once every two to three months. If your hair is delicate and dry, dilute the beer or use it in small quantities.

6. Your Hairspray WILL Set Your Makeup
Makeup professionals don’t advise you to use hairspray on your face as it is packed with chemicals that might irritate the skin. However, this is the oldest trick in the book and our mothers probably tried it. We don’t recommend you spray it like your makeup set spray, but you can use a small quantity and set it with your fingers for an emergency.

Have faith in these myths and save your skin and hair. Do share if you know of other myths that are true.

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