Beauty Products Skin Allergies: What, Why, How

Beauty product allergies

There’s a new cream in the market that promises to get rid of your dark spots, and the latest concealer offers total cover-up for pesky dark circles; you are most likely itching to try these (pun intended). However, after using you wake up to your worst nightmare – skin allergy. Learn more about beauty product allergies.


When you find that your skin is red and itchy, may be even painful with a burning sensation, you probably have a skin allergy. However, do not confuse this with irritation of the skin, which could be an extremely mild burning sensation while using products. An allergy may also cause acne, bumps on the face, swelling and more.


There may be many reasons for allergies, namely – sensitive skin, high concentration of harmful chemicals, reaction to a particular ingredient, etc. You are likely to develop allergies in areas where the skin is thinner and especially, sensitive; like eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc.

Beauty product allergies


So, you are the victim of beauty allergy, here’s how you may cure and prevent it from happening again.


First and foremost, visit the dermatologist or your local doctor immediately in order to avoid further mess. Do not be a hero and try to pop acne or itch the rash. In case, of a mild allergy or absence of professional medical attention, you may try other ways.

Avoid contact, do not touch it with your hands or tissues or any other material, even if it itches. However, in extreme circumstances you make use a clean cotton cloth.

Usually, allergies cause a burning sensation and inflammation. It would be ideal to use ice packs, which are clean.

Some home remedies include application of calamine cream and oatmeal paste. However, these may only be advice in case of a mild allergic reaction.


Consult your doctor and learn about the ingredients and products that may be harmful for your skin type. In case, you have sensitive skin, ensure that you take the right precautions prescribed by the professional, while using beauty products.

Before buying a beauty product always test it on your hand and forearm. While the skin on the hand may be tough, the skin on the inner forearm is usually soft. This will help you gauge the irritation as well as allergy.

Often while trying new products, you may mix a cream and lotion. Try using a single product and see how it affects your skin. Sometimes the combination of both may cause harm.

Follow these tips and keep your skin supple and safe.

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