It’s Time For A BREAK-UP: 8 Beauty Products You Need To Ditch In Your Late 20s

Wearing tight jeans and a body hugging top was super cute when you were 18 and in college. But once you get older and enter the corporate world, your dressing preferences change. And if fashion choices changes, so must beauty ones. Then why are you stuck with the same old beauty routine?

It’s time for a break! We tell you about eight beauty products you need to ditch if you’re in your late 20s.

1. Break-Up: Peppy, Fruity Body Sprays
The strawberry and peach body splash was your best friend as an intern, but it’s time you let it go. You can use it once in a while to suit your day look, but come on—do you really think smelling like a fruit on your evening gown would go well?

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Chic Perfumes
Why not opt for a light daily perfume and a mesmerising evening fragrance? It’s an investment and will keep you smelling great while matching with your LBD or brunch look. Pick from a range of perfumes here.

2. Break-Up: Glitter Everything
All right, glitter is so in right now—in fact, the recent Lakme Fashion Week was all about the shiny eyes. But can you really pull it off without looking like you’re trying too hard? Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go off it—just tone it down a little.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Glitter Only On The Eyes or Shimmer
Instead of using a glitter gloss and blush, use glitter only on the eyes. Instead, opt for glossy makeup that shimmers. You can even add a tinge of gold glitter to your shimmer base—it will work wonders.

3. Break-Up: Bubblegum Lip Gloss
Admit it—you’re addicted to your lip balm. But it’s time you ditch your bright pink one. It only works if you’re trying a young, peppy look, which, let’s face it, isn’t often.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Pink, Maroon Lipsticks
Love pink too much? Don’t worry, we’re not taking it away from you completely. Invest in pink lipsticks instead of gloss for richer, longer-lasting colour. And while you’re at it, also get some reds and maroons to suit different outfits. Find lipsticks here.

4. Break-Up: Thick Eyeliners
Defining your eyes with thick eyeliner and kajal should be a thing of your past. After all, you need to look more professional and let your eyes do the talking instead of your makeup.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Thin or Coloured Liner
Get with the times, girl. Go for a thin or coloured cat-eyeliner with a light touch of kajal—you’ll win many hearts with your eyes. Get coloured eyeliner here.

5. Break-Up: Fake Lashes and Coloured Mascara
Since you’re giving up the thick eyeliner, why not get rid of fake eyelashes and coloured mascara, too? Having bright or synthetic lashes may have worked in the past for a night out in town. But now you need something more sober for your dinner and drinks.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Volumising Mascara
If you want to get the Bette Davis eyes, go for high-definition or volumising mascara. It will surely bring a dramatic effect without looking OTT. Buy mascara here.

6. Break-Up: Temporary Hair Colours
The pinks and neons may have worked well during your rebel phase, but getting a new shade everyday may not exactly work for you now. So, ditch those sprays and temporary colours.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Permanent Soft Hues
Whether you’re trying out fiery red or a dark blonde, opt for permanent colours and get it done from a professional. Get hues that are deep and rich, plus would look great even when they wear out.

7. Break-Up: Powders
Your skin loses its elasticity and moisture as you age. You may not need anti-ageing creams just yet, but you might have early signs of ageing. Using compact and other powders for makeup dries your skin further and makes wrinkles visible.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Creamy Foundations or BB Creams
Get moisturiser-based foundation or tinted moisturiser (BB cream) as it sets well on your skin as well as keeps it hydrated. Invest in a good foundation and BB cream from here.

8. Break-Up: Neon Nails
Seriously, bright nails scream I’m-trying-to-be-younger-than-I-am when you wear it in your late 20s. It’s fine once in a while (only when you’re heading to a music festival or party), else skip this—STAT.

beauty products you need to ditch

Crush On: Deep Hues and Rich Nail Paint
Try rich and darker colours that add life to your nails while keeping it simple. If you do want to go bright, pick fuchsia or red instead of neons. Buy pretty nail enamels here.

Would you break up with these products? Do let us know in the comments section.

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