Beauty Tools you should Clean regularly

spring-clean-your-beauty-productsBeauty tools are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  Beauty is a dirty business. It’s not just an OCD thing  to keep everything squeaky clean. Taking the time to clean out stray hair, layers of dead skin, and product buildup will not only keep your daily beauty rituals bacteria-free, but will also lengthen the life of your tools and products.

It’s also a good idea to have a once-a-year clear out to get rid of anything that you don’t use anymore or is passed its expiry date, thereby getting rid of junk and breeding grounds of bacteria.

Here’s a list of make-up products and how long you should keep each for:

Foundation: 1 year

Eye shadow: 2-3 years

Mascara: 3-6 months

Lipstick: 2 years

Moisturiser: 6 months

Cleanser: 6 months

Blush: 2-3 years


Arm yourself with that antibacterial solution and read on to know which beauty tools you should clean regularly

Mascara wand

DSC01787Ideally you should throw out your mascara every 3 months, but we all know that we hoard those tubes until the product is all dried out and clumpy. The danger of mascara is that it can trap bacteria within the tube. Every time you apply mascara, the bacteria trapped in the tube is being taken from it and then applied to the eye area. This creates the possibility of eye infections. Cleaning the wand regularly will not only help you avoid infections but also give you clump free lashes.

Clean it by blotting it with a paper towel or a micro fiber cloth. Wash your mascara wand with eye makeup remover or warm water and dry it gently with a clean cloth.


Cell Phone

dirty cell phoneAlthough it is not a beauty product, cell  phones are home to more potentially harmful bacteria than doorknobs, computer keyboards, and yes, even toilet seats. Your hands, hair and face are coated with oils that rub off easily onto your cell phone surface, especially if you text while eating parathas or pizza. This bacteria can be the cause of the acne problem that never seems to go away.

To clean your phone, use a lint free cloth that you get at the optician when you buy your glasses. Spray any type of anti-microbial solution on the cloth and wipe down your phone taking care not to get any of it into the electrical components. If you have a qwerty keypad, use a damp ear bud to clean all the dirt and grime between the keys.


Make Up Brushes

550px-Clean-Mac-Makeup-Brushes-Step-4Be sure your makeup brushes aren’t the cause of your acne and extend their life by deep cleansing them once a month. Your complexion (and wallet) will thank you.

To clean your brushes, soak them in an antibacterial dish soap solution for a few minutes. Work the mixture into the bristles using the palm of your hand and fingers. Continue until the soapy residue is makeup-free. Rinse the brushes under lukewarm water until no soap runs from the bristles and pat dry on a paper towel. Let it air dry completely overnight and repeat at least once a month.


 Hair Brushes and Combs

TBDcleaninghairbrushesWhen was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your hairbrush? You’d be surprised to know that a lot of women don’t clean out their hair brushes at all. Dust, hair products, hair, dandruff and what not can be in your hair brush. And using the same brush for months means that you will be piling on the same oils, and dust back into your freshly shampooed hair. Sounds pretty disgusting right? You should clean your hairbrushes once every week. It only takes  a couple of minutes. Follow the steps in the image to clean them and shampoo them after. Fill up a big bowl  with warm water and add a tablespoon of shampoo. Wash the brush and bristles thoroughly, rinse well, and let it dry. For combs, clean the gunk at the base with an old toothbrush and a small amount of shampoo.

Flat Iron and Curling Iron


The black gunk that builds up on heat styling tools is the result of scorched hair product. Clean the plates with rubbing alcohol, baking soda or acetone when unplugged to eliminate all the built up grime. Avoid harsh scrubbing, which may scratch the plating your iron.

Pumice Stone

550px-Clean-a-Pumice-Stone-Step-4This one is a given. And if you haven’t been doing it already, time to do it right away. Clean the pumice stone of dead skin after a pedicure by scrubbing it with a old dry toothbrush and rinsing it with hot water.

Eye Pencil Sharpener

550px-Sharpen-an-Eyeliner-Pencil-Step-1A eye pencil sharpener is a must have for any makeup kit. However, they may contain bacteria that might have transferred from the eye pencil. It is advisable to throw out the sharpeners regularly, but in case some of them are not replaceable, clean the gunk away with an ear bud dipped in alcohol.

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