8 Genius Beauty Uses For The Humble Ear Bud

Beauty uses for ear buds? No way. Aren’t they just for cleaning ears? If you haven’t heard the saying, learn it now: you should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. And with these amazing ideas, you’ll never have to. Learn these clever ways of using ear buds as a powerful makeup tool.

Beauty uses for ear buds

1. Dab a bit of your foundation on a cotton swab and dunk it in a tiny Ziploc bag to touch it up on-the-go. Max it up by mixing all your favourites and using them without lugging around a concealer, foundation, BB or CC cream in your purse.
2. Spray a bit of perfume on an ear bud and use it on your pulse points anytime through the day.
3. A cotton bud dipped in the right eye shadow actually works as a great way to touch up your visible roots if your hair colour is growing out.

Beauty uses for ear buds, ear buds for eye shadow

Quick fixes
4. Beauty uses go beyond your face; just look down at your nails. Has your DIY French manicure or other nail art gone wrong? You don’t need to practice colouring between the lines when a cotton bud dipped in acetone can fix a straight line for you.
5. Winged eyeliner flying all over the place? Had a mascara accident? A bit of makeup remover on a cotton bud lets you erase only as much as you want without needing to start all over again.
6. Want a smokey-eyed effect? Need to contour your cheekbones? No fancy brushes required. Apply the first layer of makeup with an ear bud, then pull at the strands till it looks like a miniature candyfloss and use it to blend.

Beauty uses for ear buds, ear buds for manicure

Beauty uses for ear buds, ear buds for winged eyeliner


7. Pop A Zit
Beauty uses aside, ear buds can be great lifesavers when it comes to the last minute as well. We know, of course, you mustn’t pop a zit ever. But just in case you absolutely must, dip the ends of two ear buds in hot water or astringent and push gently from either side of the zit. Don’t use your nails or fingers, ever.

Beauty uses for ear buds, ear buds to pop a zit

8. Downsize Your Kit
Weekends, nights out or wherever it is you’re heading, you don’t want to be stuck lugging your essential makeup kit of bottles, tubes and sprays instead of a chic clutch. But a girl needs what she needs, right? A cotton bud is your best friend. Foundation, eye shadow, concealer, perfume—load up the cotton buds with whatever you’ll need, pop them into tiny Ziplocs and shove them discreetly into your pocket or clutch.

Beauty uses for ear buds, ear buds as a make-up brush

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