Frost Yourself: 8 Cool Beauty Uses of Ice

If we had a rupee for each time someone said that the heat was melting their face, we’d be able to afford a lot of Manolos. That being said, we cannot deny what the crazy sun is doing to our face. If only we could be amid snow right now!

Well, you can’t really get the snow, but you can get the next-best thing—ice, ice baby. And it creates wonders for your skin. Check out our list of 8 beauty uses of ice. Just remember to never use ice without a cloth or plastic bag—it can seriously dry your skin.

Beauty Uses of Ice

1. Skip the Makeup

Forgot your makeup kit at home? No need to panic and beg your colleagues. Simply get some ice from the pantry and apply it on your face. It gives a mild shock to your skin, making you look awake and glowing. In fact, if you want to wear makeup all night, apply a bit of ice before you put your foundation and primer. It will stay on much longer.

2. Get that Dewy Glow
So ice is a quick fix for those busy days, but it also works in the long run to get you a healthy glow. Using ice hydrates your skin, helps you wake your senses up and gets the blood circulation going. It also reduces the large, open pores on your face, making them look less prominent. Use about two to three cubes in a napkin and rub all over your face.

3. Heal the Sunburn
We get it, it was hot and you spent too much time by the pool. Sadly, you got a bad sunburn right on your nose. Quick, grab some ice cubes and apply on the burns to prevent them from blistering. Be careful, though, to wrap them in a cloth or a plastic bag.

4. Ice the Acne
Now, we’ve told you never to mess with your acne by picking at it. But you can certainly reduce the redness and inflammation by holding a cube of ice on it. This is a great way to reduce its size without using any chemicals!

5. Wake-up with Chilled Citrus
No time to eat fruits or use them on your face? Try this. Freeze a mixture of fruits and fruit juices in water and use it on your face. You’ll get the goodness of citrus and ice together!

6. Ditch the Dark Circles
Dark circles are every girl’s nemesis. Give them a cold shoulder with ice. Freeze a bit of cucumber juice with water and use that instead of cucumber slices. It will provide instant cooling and reduced puffiness.

7. Be Pain-Free and Hairless
The thought of waxing and threading only gives out one sound—ouch! Reduce your pain by rubbing an ice cube right before you go for those painful hair-removal processes. Ice can also prevent the redness and puffiness that you get right after the procedure.

8. Remove Chewing Gum
When you wake up with a chewing gum on your clothes—or worse, in your hair—you know you’ve had a crazy night. But how do you get rid of that gross gum? Simple! Use a bit of ice on your hair and slowly starting peeling the gum off. Shampoo and rinse your hair once with chilled water.

Make space in your freezer, and get new trays, your skin is going to need it.

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