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Beer Massage Oil

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Garb your skin in our fantastic Beer Massage Oil, and enjoy an oaky aroma, with a composing and soothing Beer Massage! Beer Home Spa Traditions are here to give a relook to your skin and wellness. Our Beer massage oil is a high-quality massage mixture of almond, grape, sunflower and apricot oil enriched with soothing hop extracts. Almond oil has an exceptional curative, regenerative and nutritious effects and provides skin with a desirable texture. Grape oil is significant for its softening, moisturizing and calming effects. The content of natural antioxidants delays skin ageing and loss of elasticity. Sunflower oil softens and protects skin, promoting blood circulation. Apricot oil regenerates and rejuvenates skin. The notably remarkable aroma of Czech Pilsner, intensifies pleasant experiences resulting from a relaxing massage. Beer is world over known to have umpteen skin benefits, due to its nourishing content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Radiant, nourished, rejuvenated and healthy skin, with a very desirable aroma, is sure to have you delighted!