Beer Tasting: For The Ale and Hearty!

Gulp! Glup! Slurp! One glass of beer down. Five more to go! The one drink that reminds me of Goa! Friends, relatives, random people on the street guzzle down beer like it is water. But I wonder if anyone knows the tale behind this ale. Honestly, even I was clueless.

After having heard much about wine tasting, here was a crash course on beer tasting organised by Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery. Conducted by director of All Things Nice Nikhil Agarwal, the session included a presentation that was not as attractive as the beers on my table. Apart from highlighting topics like the history of beer, how beer is made and the types and styles of beer, Nikhil also focused on our sense of smell. While some beers had a fruity aroma, the others smelt like coffee.

One after another, we gulped down six beers – Erdinger, Asahi, Brooklyn, Fuller’s London Pride, Murphy’s and Liefmans Fruitesse (my personal favourite); onion rings and bruschetta to go along with.

Nikhil Agarwal chats about the beer session:

We’re quite familiar with the concept of wine tasting. What’s with beer tasting?

We’ve been doing this for a while. It’s the same principle – taste beer, have fun and educate people about the styles and process involved in making beer. We want to introduce people to everything we like and find interesting. And Woodside’s association with beer is very strong.

Can you suggest three things people need to keep in mind with regard to beer?

When purchasing beer, you may want to first calculate the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Secondly, what is the occasion? If it’s a small party or just for yourself, you may want to invest in a good beer or you may look for something that fits your budget. Lastly, and mostly importantly, it’s the temperature that matters. Beer should never be too cold or too warm in order to maintain the best style of the beer. Also, always look for the expiry date.

How is the colour of the beer bottle related to beer?

Beer and sunlight are not at all friends. The colour of the bottle serves the purpose of protecting the beer from the sun rays.

Is beer supposed to taste in a particular way?

People assume that beer is bitter, but some beers are very fruity. Beers are broadly divided into two style categories – Ale and Lager.

Why should anyone enrol to a beer tasting session?

We all love beer. It’s always good to take this love a step forward by learning more about the drink. In the bargain, you will also land up meeting likeminded people, have fun and drink a lot of beer!

- Suezelle D’Costa

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