Being Bewakoof

Who doesn’t like their funny bone being tickled? In our stressful, hectic lives full of finishing deadlines and filling excel sheets, we often forget to take things with a pinch of salt. To inject a laugh or two in our everyday lives, here is a brand that focuses on laughing with us, at us. Introducing Bewakoof, an apparel brand that has only just diversified in laptop skins, badges and mouse pads.
The current generation with their Mumbai language, quirky accent, funny actions and crazy antics have found their way as an inspiration for their designs. The frenetic, sarcastic, slapstick and cinematic thoughts of the youth are given importance here.
Drive it like you stole it, Mere paas maal hai, Being Gabbar, Tu 13 dekh, Inglorious bewakoofs, Drink water, surprise your liver, Wake and Bake, The Big Bong Theory are some of the quotes that have the crowd going gaga over them.
Founded by IIT Bombay alumni, the website brags about them being insanity lovers and tells you to be proud and happy incase you are a bewakoof. Sounds like a ‘fool-proof’ plan to us!
The products start from Rs.75 and go up to Rs. 1,199. Also, if you need a quick respite from your work, but refuse to go outside in the sweltering heat, the Bewakoof folks also have an online magazine to their name that has articles talking about things that make or break a youngster’s day! Real funny, crisp and relatable.
They sure know how to keep young guns wrapped around their fingers. To view and purchase their products, click here.
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