Beauty on a Budget: The Best Beauty Buys Under Rs.500

Thinking of buying the best of beauty but your budget stops you. Fret not, nobody insists that you swear by brands and labels. Nor do we opine that you should opt for cheap make-up. For most women, budget is a huge hindrance when it comes to beauty. Hence, we at InOnIt list the best beauty buys that you can get for yourself under Rs. 500. Time to deliver justice to your beauty.

Lip Tints: If clubbing is not your idea of fun, then don’t worry. You can always sport the ready-to-party look if you have a lip tint stuffed into your handbag. Lip tints are absolutely in and they don’t just moisturize your lip but also add that pop of color, hence, giving you lips that are pout worthy.

Absolute Pop Tints by Lakme

Absolute Pop Tints by Lakme

Best Buys:  Lip Pot Lip Color by Colorbar: Rs. 495

My Lips Eat Cherry by The Body Shop: Rs. 400

Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Sparkles Lip tint by Avon: Rs. 149

Anti Tan Scrubs:  This is one helluva beauty invention. The sun and the rain are partners in crime when it comes to the Indian skin. Which is why a good anti-tan scrub is a boon. It helps restore the natural glow within while opening clogged pores and removing dead cells.

The Lotus Safe Sun Anti Tan Scrub is an affordable must-have

The Lotus Safe Sun Anti Tan Scrub is an affordable must-have

Best Buys: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti-Tan Scrub: Rs. 245

O’Shea Herbals Glopure Anti-Tan Scrub: Rs. 175

Body Mists: Body Mists have endangered deos and sprays solely because they help moisturize the skin and do not comprise of harmful chemicals like their counterparts. You can dab them not just around your upper-self, but also on your legs, neck etc. They last throughout the day so you know that you need not worry while commuting to and fro in public transportation. Mumbaikars know that better.

A range of body mists by The Body Shop

A range of body mists by The Body Shop

Best Buys: Eurolux Body Mists (Combo of 2): Rs: 450

D & Y Body Mists: Rs. 350

Nike Body Mists: Rs. 175

BB Creams: Recently you would have heard everyone from Pammi aunty to Simmi singing laurels about BB creams. So just what are BB creams? And what is the hoopla about it? BB means beauty benefit or blemish balms. It’s your one answer to the little eruptions on your face. It’s a hybrid of a foundation and a moisturizer that corrects uneven skin tone, minimizes oiliness and gives your skin a renewed glow. So get a BB cream and you are sorted.

BB creams are a breakthrough revolution

BB creams are a breakthrough revolution

Best Buys: Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream: Rs. 199

Ponds White Beauty BB Cream: Rs. 125

Garnier BB Cream: Rs. 99

Clearly, these essentials are not just pocket-friendly but also skin-friendly. So go ahead and splurge, leaving your monetary tensions behind in the bin. Remember beauty may be skin deep, but your skin deserves to be beautiful.

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