Between Breads: Straight Out Of Archies

You will half expect Jughead sitting in a corner table, biting into a big juicy burger at this recently opened food joint in Bandra. At Between Breads, choose from gourmet sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, sliders and everything that can be eaten between, well, breads! 
This quirky little joint’s interiors are enough to describe what the menu would feature. It comes straight out of an Archies comic book, with big sandwiches popping out of the walls, and everything reminds you of a bready meal. So much so that they even have Archies books lying around while you wait for your hot buns to arrive. We might just go there, only to relive our school days of Betty and Veronica shenanigan stories. 
The burger list includes chicken or beef cheeseburgers, aloo patty, double meat ones and more, while the sandwich list includes turkey, Philly cheese chicken, roasted peppers and the likes. You can also select dishes from the chef’s special that include the BLT, veg pesto, tuna melt, baked hamwich or dig into a hot dog that is served in chicken or pork. Drool much? A burger here would cost you somewhere between Rs. 150 and Rs. 300 depending on your choice of stuffing. 
Between Breads is open everyday and you can also call them for home delivery on 022 26045577. 
And if you do spot Jughead, tell him we say hi!
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