Bid Adieu To Bad Hair Days

Having lovely locks every day is what dreams are made of. But we live in a real world, with pollution, climatic changes and chemicals in cosmetics. So how do you ensure you always have a good hair day? Here we bring you 10 pointers to ensure you bid adieu to bad hair days—and never end up looking like this.

Are you having a bad hair day?Are you having a bad hair day?

Tip 1: Use a Toothbrush

When your hair looks like it’s got an electric shock and won’t tame no matter what you do, spritz some hairspray on to a toothbrush and gently brush your hair into place. The light application will give you hold without making the hair too stiff.

Tip 2: Bun It

Learn how to wear your hair in a bun. On your worst hair days, concealing them in a bun will give you much-needed relief and look infinitely classy.

Bun itBun it

Tip 3: Know Your Hair Type

Is it oily, is it dry, or are you one of the lucky few whose hair is normal? Identify what your hair is like and only use products specially created for that hair type to avoid damage.

Tip 4: Oil+Water=No Frizz

Keep an equal ratio of oil and water mixed in a spritzer for perfect hair on the go. Whenever the frizz comes up, you can instantly spray and tame the hair.

oil and water mix spritzer

Tip 5: Clip It Up

Keeping bobby pins and clips in your purse at all times can be extremely handy as they help you style your hair in whatever manner you want while on the move.

Tip 6: DIY Hairstyles

Learn a few quick hairstyles that don’t take up much of your time. Whether it’s messy buns, fishtail braids or just a pretty hairband, you never know which one can save the day for you.

Tip 7: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink plenty of water as it gives your tresses that much-needed shine and nourishment—it’s the cheapest way to keep your hair healthy.

Tip 8: Create Instant Volume

To get instant volume on the crown of your head, just dampen that part of your hair, twist it, then dry it with the hairdryer. Once dry, you’ll end up with enough volume to last a day.

Tip 9: Hair Accessories Do the Trick

Stock up on some serious hair accessories—they can instantly make the look.

Tip 10: Get Messy

If all else fails, create a messy braid, bun or ponytail. You don’t have to go that extra mile to achieve this; keep it simple, natural and easy.

Instant braid for messy hairInstant braid for messy hair

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