Bike It Out To The Raw Terrain Of Malhar Machi

Being part of a biker gang is all about freedom, brotherhood and fulfilling a longing to get out and do something. Mocha Bike Association is such a biker gang, albiet civilised and couth, which invites everyone to be a part of their brotherhood with the minimum requirements of having a bike with a power of 350cc or higher and a strong desire to hit the road.

After conquering various hill stations across Maharashtra, completing trips to Goa and the far, almost inaccessible roads of Ladakh, they have set their sights on a trip to Malhar Machi which is near Lonavala. The 2 day trip will cover an approximate distance of 166 kilometres and is expected to have up to 100 bikers participate from across India.

Malhar Machi is a rugged and untouched terrain off Lonavala which offers a clear view of the water brushing against the tall Sahyadri mountains. The overnight stay will be in rooms and cottages in the Malhar Machi Mountain Resort which has a serene and homely ambience thereby allowing the bikers to enjoy their camaraderie over the trip.

For registration and additional details, click here.

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