Bite Into The Big Burger

You know how your favourite zombie movies or chic flicks always have this bunch of friends driving to a party, and they halt at this burger joint that gives them a basket of juicy meat in bread and a drink along with lots of fries, and you think, why doesn’t Bombay have one of these? 
A simple burger joint, where all you get is juicy meat, bread and fries. Nothing too complicated, plain ol’ burgers for I-love-fast-food kind of people. So, the guys behind this new express eatery probably had the same thought when they started The Big Burger. In between the never-ending line of food joints off-Carter road (they also have a branch in Powai), you will see a big fat red board that reads the name of this place. Although there are a few chairs and tables spread across a narrow space for those who like to have their burgers fresh and hot, it’s more like a takeaway joint for quick bites. We visited on a Saturday evening before heading to a housewarming party, only to find a line of young teens waiting to place their orders, just like the movies. 
The Big Burger has grilled chicken and mutton burgers that come in flavours like Barbeque, Mexican, Arabic and more. They range only between Rs. 100 and Rs. 150. No wonder the teens were lined up! The place also has hot dogs, veg burgers, French fries and wedges, all priced within the burger range. While the burger is made simply using grilled patty between soft bread and stuffed with sauce (salsa, garlic, barbeque), salad and pickle, we would have preferred the size to be a little bigger, if nothing but to live up to its name.  Nonetheless, if you’re starved while passing Carter road on a weeknight, bite into a double-patty burger on your way to wherever!
The Big Burger is open every day till about 11:30 pm and you can call them for home delivery of burgers on 022 32276662 for Bandra and 022 67109424 for Powai.
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