Bizarre Fashion And Beauty Superstitions

We’ve all heard these bizarre old wives tales that are passed on through generations. However, following these superstitious beauty and clothing beliefs do nothing for our couture karma but are still good to know about to add a dash of fun to our lives.

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Don’t Pluck Out A Grey Hair Or 3 More Will Grow In Its Place
Don’t count on it unless you have some super-naturally fast growth hormone that spurts out hair whenever you try any form of hair removal.

Don’t Give Shoes To Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Or They Will Run Away
I think it’s quite the opposite actually. Shoes being a girls biggest love, gift them to her and she’ll never let you go!

Using Your Index Finger Is Bad
According to old wives tales, applying medicines, creams, makeup, etc. with your index finger will bring problems to that area and you should use your middle finger instead. I guess no one told the old grannies what the middle finger was really meant for.

Do Not Cut Your Hair Or Nails After Dark
So basically, taking care of yourself and indulging in any sort of grooming and hygiene at night will bring you bad luck? I think it’s risk worth taking if it means not having dirty finger nails and hairy legs for important meetings the next morning.

Putting A Hat On Your Bed Brings Bad Luck
Unless you’re a cowboy, the only fear you should have is that someone may sit on your gorgeous new hat before you head out to the derby or for that royal wedding.

Leaving Your Shoes Upside Down Is Unlucky
If you’re shoe-perstitious, turn all your shoes the right way up and you’ll win the lottery perhaps. Either way, you don’t want to risk stomping on the heel of an upturned shoe do you? Ouch!

A Spider running Across Your Clothes Brings A New Set
Quick, help me get hold of a hundred spiders, I want my new wardrobe stat!

Expect A Disappointment If You Drop Your Comb While Combing Your Hair
The only disappointment you need to worry about is of your wig falling off with it.


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