Bizarre Superstitions in India

Witches, brooms and black cats; folklores, ancient beliefs and old wives tales passed on through generations turned into bizarre superstitions. It really is time to get real, people. Here’s why:


A Shit On Your Shoulder

 Can I just ask how any animal/bird/mammal’s poop on your shoulder can be lucky for you? It’s defecation that accidentally (not blaming the birdie because the entire universe is its pot) fell on you. If it were lucky, how come I feel like shit (pun intended) starting my day like this? So, when, if ever, there is a bird above you, try getting in the right position so its poo falls right on your shoulder. Wait till it happens. It’s lucky!

Oops! A Black Cat

If folklores are to be believed, witches had the power to turn into black cats and that’s where the ‘black cat crossing your path is unlucky’ superstition began. The black cat community is bewildered when it comes to the human species. They don’t know why you walk 7 steps backwards every time they walk in front of you. And you will never know too. Spare the little animal with gorgeous green eyes; it’s just taking a morning stroll.

Shoe Stories

If one shoe is placed on top of the other, unintentionally of course, travel is in the near future. Woohoo! So I don’t have to save up for another 2 years for my Eurotrip?

Twitchy Tales

When your left eye twitches, you’re going to make money..No, it’s unlucky. No, wait, if a man’s right eye twitches, it’s lucky. OR, it’s just dust in your eye that you need to wash off or a temporary spasm!

Animal Instincts

A dog barking is a natural phenomenon. You know, how you can talk, they can bark. It does not mean that there is a ghost floating on a killer spree if you hear a dog howl.

Broken Mirrors

Since childhood we were made to believe that mirrors have supernatural powers. Snow White’s ‘mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all’ is a classic example of this theory. They say that mirrors can see through you. They reflect your true self. Breaking a mirror will get you 7 years of bad luck, and if it’s broken on its own accord, a death is soon to follow. Either way, clumsiness will be kept in control if you believe in this one.

Tick Tock Stop!

An ancient belief that when a clock stops working suddenly, a death in the family is about to happen. No one’s going to die because you haven’t changed the clock batteries in months, life doesn’t end if time literally stops temporarily.

Night-time Cleanliness

Whoever made this one, does not believe in hygiene at night. I mean, what can possibly go wrong if you cut your nails or hair, or shave at night? Is there a particular time of the day you’d like us to clean our feet too?

It’s 11:11!

If my wish came true every time I wished for it at 11:11 am/pm, would I be sitting here busting superstitions for you?

Lime and Chilli on Your Door

Most households hang lime and chilli bound together with strings outside their doors. It is meant to ward off evil spirits – thus keeping you safe. Wait, do robbers count? At least now we know that ghosts are totally put off by a dash of lime and spice.

Touch Wood

There is no denying that you, you and you touch wood every time you don’t want a twist of fate changing a current observation. It could be someone’s well being or a prospective job, wood somehow has magical powers to fight fate in the face. Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s your knocked on nightstand asking you to stop touching it!


They say the number 13 is unlucky. In 1911, some genius came up with the phobia, Triskaidekaphobia, which means fear of the number thirteen. Buildings refused to put up 13 as a floor number.

They also say that people who bust these superstitions, or read articles that do so, will have a future filled with sorrow and depression. The only way to get rid of this curse is to share the article with at least 10 people you know. It’s true, the only one I believe in.

All I’m saying is, don’t blame the cat for having a bad day.

- Sneha Mankani

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