BomBShelter: A Unique Online Vintage Store

Steampunk objects of art, Victorian era-inspired jewellery made out of vintage watch parts, light play of Indian crafts: all this and more will leave you inspired at BomBShelter, a unique online vintage store. Started by Teena Singh in June 2013 and later joined by her partner Fiza Khan, this ‘idea’ collective houses a curated collection of quirky, one of a kind products that are as far from ordinary as can be. A talented range of artists and designers across various genres have been brought under one virtual roof by BomBSheler, where art and desing form a perfect unison.
Choose from Rohit K’s trippy hand painted helmets, Purple Junglee’s pops of colourful bags and keychains that make street culture come alive, art prints on The Filmy Owl’s reproduced mugs and T-shirts that scream quirk, Abhishek Basak’s collection of pendrives, jewellery and more made out of upcycled vintage watch parts, Star Wars inspired space city hyper sketches, and more.
The e-store can customize a product for you too, like getting a piece of art you love imprinted on a tee. The products start from Rs. 50 and go up to Rs. 5,000, and some insane world scale art can also go up to Rs. 4,000 USD!
BomBShelter currently retails through its Facebook page and delivers across India. To get in touch, call Fiza on 9819822247 or Teena on 8879735966 or send an email to
View BomBShelter’s Facebook page here.
We almost forgot. LoveRevolution’s studded and tassled ankle high leather boots are so boho that we wanted to time travel our way to the 19th century or the Wild Wild West just to wear a pair of those!
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