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Bonjour Flats

Price: Rs. 999 Rs. 599
A keen eye for detail and a taste for class has led Bonjour to make this pair of flats. Coloured a vibrant blue, these flats have an array of attributes that range between style and comfort to boast of. Inlacing straps detailing stands as an example of how something that is stylish can also serve a practical purpose. Slip into these Bonjour Flats, crafted from synthetic, fabric and TPR, when you’re in a pair of three-fourths and a tee for a casual day out in town with friends. Bonjour sandals offer the modern woman with complete style and cushioning comfort with their eye-catching designs and high-quality material. Footwear Care Use water and a soft brush to wipe away any dust and grime from these flats.

Color Blue