Books on Toast: For Charitable Book Lovers

In my world, all books are my brothers and sisters. The folks at Books on Toast probably feel the same way! Getting people together for their common love and sometimes obsession towards books must be a good feeling; especially when the proceeds from the sale are directed towards their favourite charity.
You know you are a book lover when you not only derive joy from reading a book but also from others reading one. But more than that, when others derive the same pleasure from a book that you have read, it forms an incomparable bond, for you have traversed lands far and wide, and emotions strong and deep, together.
Join in then, at Books on Toast where you can donate and buy books that others have handed out. On certain dates of every month, their drive begins. You can pick centres from around and across Mumbai and mail them. They will then reply with the person’s phone number, with whom you need to coordinate to drop off your books. Post this activity, they will arrange all your reading treaures by genre and sell them for throwaway prices at Candies in Pali Naka. Their choice of charity changes every year. While last year it was Hamara Footpath (who are still benefitting from the money that was collected), this year it is Lok Seva Sangam and their project Familia De Ouro.
You can visit Books on Toast at their Facebook page here.
Contacting them for donating books is a continous process, but let’s keep our eyes and ears open for when the next sale happens. Why? Because like they say, reading is dreaming with open eyes!
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