Boozy Board Games and Bar Accessories

If you’ve hosted a house party even once, you’ll know how important it is to keep your guests entertained. You’ve got to be a perfect juggler and a jack of all trades, what with taking up roles of bartending to Dj-ing or maybe even stand-up comedy. You know your party’s been a success if next day’s hung-over conversations start with ‘you know what happened last night’. 
But a major part of a house party involves having the right bar accessories. You cannot have your usual cutlery lying around, neither would you want paper cups flying everywhere. So why not add some fun to your party with the super fabulous bar accessories Shop InOnIt has to offer?
Whether it’s a theme party or simply a reason to celebrate, the e-store has everything that will catch the eye. How will these products affect your party? 
Whiskey Stones will replace ice cubes that will keep your drink ice cold without diluting it, Crocodile Bottle Openers will fascinate everyone, Beer Helmets will prevent drunken injuries and beer towers will save you the trouble of getting a pint from the fridge every half an hour. They also have a board game for alcoholics – we know you already want to buy this one without finding out what the game is all about!
Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 
And once the party is over (which we doubt will happen before the wee hours of the morning) try using their Bactrack Keychain to test your alcohol intake, or use their Red Wine Stain Remover Kit for those emergencies that occur more often than not!
Now, that’s what we call a fully equipped party.
Shop InOnIt delivers across India and some places internationally too. 
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