Borrowing From Your Mom’s Closet

Isn’t a mom the best thing to happen to girl kind? She is graceful, gorgeous and was probably glamorous in her heydays. Apart from that, she also knows you the best and if you look even a wee bit like Nikki Minaj, she’ll definitely tell you so!
But however God-like she may be, it is never a crime to beg, borrow and steal from her closet. So before I go all teary-eyed on my mamma, let me do a little something in her closet and live to write my adventures.

The first one would definitely be what people distastefully call ‘mommy jeans’ that should instead be called ‘the-most-amazingly-awesome-pair-of-vintage-jeans-known-to-woman’! They are ankle-cut, high waist and therefore will fit you the best!

A Cool Way To Wear Your Mom's Jeans

A Cool Way To Wear Your Mom’s Jeans

The second could be a really antique looking, super heavy, heirloom (or not) neck piece that you can wear even on dressy denims and a blouse to transform your style.

Third could be something, anything in complete bling or shimmer. Since she was a Miss 70s, she’s sure to have tonnes of those.

The fourth one will have to be her tent dress, or kaftan or a general dress sans any particular shape that you can simply stick a belt to and be off wherever you want to!

Kim Show Us How To Wear A Belted Kaftan

Kim Show Us How To Wear A Belted Kaftan

From fifth to infinity could be some few things like  polki jewellery sets, studded footwear, strings of pearls, boat striped tops, feather earrings, concert tees, floral skirts, funny looking brooches, and Alladin sleeved tops.

Whatever you do, pair them up with modern, contemporary stuff, so as not to look costume-esque. Get to know some ‘Denis the Menace’ stories about your mamma and have oodles of fun bonding with her!


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