12 Signs You Need to Buy a New Bra

Did you know that more than 80 percent women wear the wrong bra size? You might believe that you wear the right size, but is that really true? Your perfect, pink bra can lead to sagging breasts, too. There can be many reasons for this: overuse, washing, strap adjustment, etc. Here are 12 signs you need to go bra shopping STAT.

Your Bra Leaves You Breathless
If you can’t breathe after you hook your bra on, you have probably put on a bit of weight. The signs are:
1. You have marks on your shoulders cause your bra strap digs in painfully. It is either too small or the straps need to be readjusted.
2. When wearing a fitted top, you sport a monoboob ie the breast spills out of your bra cup and your top looks uncomfortably tight.
3. You don’t really have back fat, but your bra shows the ugly back bulge because of the tight strap.
4. After you wear the bra, you have a side bulge outside your cup and strap, making you look busty and fat for no reason.
5. Your sternum hurts more than a heartbreak cause of the stabbing underwire.

bra shopping - tight
You Float in Your Bra
Loose bras only lead to saggy breasts that look strange, whether you wear a t-shirt or a salwaar kameez. Here’s how to know you need to buy a smaller size.
6. Your bra bunches up and the seams show when you wear a tight t-shirt, because your cup size is too big.
7. You keep fidgeting and pulling your back strap down because it keeps rising up.
8. The portion between the cups does not touch your sternum. This seems very comfortable, but definitely not right.
9. The bra straps fall down more than a drunk man at a club.

Test: To know if your bra is the right size, try this. Put two fingers under the band of your bra. If you can’t fit them it’s too tight. If you can fit more than two, it is too loose.

bra shopping - loose bra
You Don’t Remember the Last Time You Shopped
10. Your bra needs to be changed every eight to 12 months, whether it is in a good condition or not, as the body heat tends to melt the elastic overtime, making it out of shape.

bra shopping
You Abuse Your Bra in the Machine
11. There’s a reason they’re called delicates, washing them in the machine with other clothes ruins their elasticity and shape.

bra shopping - machine
You’re Compromising
12. So, your bra strap snapped or the side of the cup tore slightly during the wash. Don’t try and repair it! Bras are not like your regular clothes. They have a particular cut and fit, which can’t be created at home. Don’t compromise for the sake of it—break up and move on to a new set of bras.

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