Brace Yourself For A Shoegasm

“Give the girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” You know you are a shoe addict when you know who said this. For those who are only just jumping onto this exciting and very rewarding bandwagon, it was Marilyn Monroe of course! I say rewarding because shoes maketh a lady. Quite literally. They define and dictate and complete and compliment her look.
Tipping us over the edge of shoe joy is Aishini Zaveri, who is based out of Juhu and is the brain behind Chaussure. As is common knowledge, nothing unsettles a woman more than another woman wearing the same or even similar accessories as her. Settling this once and for all, Chaussure lets you customize your shoes in whichever manner you want to. How many countless times has it happened to us that we’ve been in absolute awe of a shoe design only to find it in a colour that is just not happening? At Chaussure they will have a range of designs for you to choose from, and with prices that are so very pocket friendly too! (Rs.1,200 to Rs. 2,000). On the other hand, they will also let you play designer and pick a design and colour while offering the finished shoe to you on a plate. Not one to follow trends, they believe in creating fashion with every new shoe.
To get in touch with them you can write to them at or by calling them on 9892036364. They have free shipping across India and you can also avail of COD facilities. You can view the same on their Facebook page here.
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