Pony-Meets-Braid: 5 All-New Ways To Tie Your Hair

You’ve loved the simple braids and you’ve adored the cute ponytails—now it’s time to try something new with your locks. We present to you five braid ponytails that will look absolutely stunning for almost any occasion. Take a look.

Braid Ponytails
1. Bubble Ponytail
This one isn’t exactly mixing a ponytail and a braid, but after it is done we’re sure it will remind you of the combo style.

2. Basic Braid Ponytail
Want to start with something easy? Try this with a simple braid and loose ponytail. You can do this in minutes and it looks great.

3. Ladder Ponytail
What a perfect way to combine the goodness of a ponytail and sleek braid. This keeps your hair manageable and pretty throughout the day.

4. Fishtail Ponytail
Pair your chic fishtail braid with a ponytail and you have the cutest hairdo for your next date or brunch with friends.

5. Loop Side Ponytail
Instead of going for a simple side ponytail, why not take a few minutes to try this loop braid on your pony? We’re sure you’ll love it.

Show off this new hair trend and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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Image courtesy: indulgy.com

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