Braiding 101: 3 Easy Braid Tutorials To Help You Create Red-Carpet Looks

Braids, whether messy, classic or multi-way, look simply gorgeous. But doing them all by yourself without a professional stylist seems almost impossible. In fact, if you’re a newbie in styling your hair or simply lazy, a simple braid can also seem like quite the task.

So, we bring you braiding 101. We’ve picked out three styles that are the base for most fancy, red-carpet braids. Take a look at the easy tutorials and get those gorgeous looks for your hair.

1. The Classic French Braid

Basic Braids
Turn your bad hair day into a stylish one with this basic French braid. There’s so much you can do with it; use flowers, coloured ribbons or even make a bun. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating this style.

2. The Fishtail Braid

Basic Braids
A finer version of the classic braid is the fishtail one. It is simple, sleek and gives a facelift to almost any look. Try this with hair accessories for traditional wear or with a messy fringe for an evening look like Deepika Padukone. Here’s a simple and easy way to create it.

3. The Waterfall Braid

Basic Braids
Feminine, chic and simply stunning, the waterfall braid can be paired with ponytails, buns and regular braids. Whether you have long hair or short, curly or straight, this one will surely look lovely on you. It might be a bit tricky, hoever, so we suggest you practice once or twice before you try it for your special occasion.

Learn the art of basic braids, then go ahead and try the lovely Game of Thrones-inspired braids given here.

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