10 Brand Taglines & What They ACTUALLY Mean

We all know copywriters spend months days coming up with cool taglines for (sometimes not-so-) cool brands. But a lot of times, our thoughts on using the product or service are completely the opposite of what they’ve been drivelling in our heads. Here are our pick of 10 well-known brands and what we think their taglines should actually have been. If you grew up in India, you’ll definitely relate to most of them.

1. Air India
If you’ve ever experienced the long, disorganised queues, grandmotherly air hostesses and tourist-bus-style toilets, you’ll know what we’re talking about.


2. Axe Deodorants
We shudder to think how many days the guys in our class remained without a bath with the help of this super-strong, nasal-suppressing scent.

AXE logo

3. Bata Shoes
Because your childhood wasn’t complete without their cool school shoes.

BATA logo

4. Cafe Coffee Day Coffee Shops
Our introduction to coffee shop culture. (After Friends, of course.)

cafe coffee day logo

5. Fair & Lovely Creams
An inexplicably popular product that needs to be burned. Now.

Fair & Lovely logo

6. Iodex Balm
It’s ironic how a balm that treats aches and pains can cause headaches with its smell.

Iodex logo

7. Kama Sutra Condoms
The next best thing since its namesake book.

kama sutra logo

8. Maggi Noodles
The only reason we survived an education abroad.

Maggi logo

9. Rotomac Pens
We’re still reeling under the shock that was their ad. Wonder how they got stars like Raveena Tandon, Javed Akhtar and Salman Khan to promote it.

Rotomac logo

10. Thums Up Cola
Because Coke and Pepsi are for ninnies; we prefer our colas with oodles of gas.

Thumsup logo

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Photos: Jasmine Samuel and Diana Koli

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